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Film Premier: Wednesday March 21 2018 6-7pm CHESS PEACE Eustory Movie Premier Cinematography by Alexandra Borbolla - Short Film, Buffet, Conversation at the San Diego French American School


Film Presentation: Saturday March 24 2018 5:30pm - Midnight - Kids Stepping Out for Diversity and Inclusion - San Diego French American School Gala at the Hotel Del Coronado


Gallery Exhibit: Through May 21 2018 Alexandra Borbolla, Kerry Riché and Sergei Rusakoff  www.321estreet.com


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TV: Good Morning San Diego KUSI News Live Sunday 9:40am February 17 2018 Listen to the interview here:  www.kusi.com/paul-vaden-and-alex-borbolla


Radio Interview: WS Radio Thursday February 22 2018 11am-noon www.wsradio.com


Exhibit: Art Walk La Jolla Saturday March 10 2018 Youknow-Y Store La Jolla, California  www.facebook.com/VillageOfLaJollaArtWalk  or www.instagram.com/youknow


Awards: Southern California Motion Picture Council Presents Alexandra Borbolla with Golden Halo Award for Excellence in Photography and Cinematography - Friday March 16 2018 7pm Sportsmen’s Lodge, Studio City, California www.scmotionpicturecouncil.com




"My goal as a photographer is beyond an image: it is a therapeutic, energetic healing process. It is showing the good in everything. The harmony in chaos and rigidity of the human condition in contrast with nature.”

- Alexandra Borbolla


World-renowned artistic photographer and cinematographer Alexandra Borbolla is the founder of ABC Hydra Photography and Films. In addition to her cinematic work, she is a parental educator in the field of mindfulness, which she teaches in English, Spanish and French. Her sensitive portrayals of children in video and family portraiture have earned her rare special attention in the world of photography and film. She also works with both canvas and metal printing. As a dedicated equestrian athlete, she is currently developing an educational program for children about sports,  mindfulness and having the tools to become resilient.


Borbolla has been featured in the internationally acclaimed film Human directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. She will receive a Southern California Motion Picture Council Golden Halo Award in March 2018 for her achievements in Film and Fine Arts and is celebrated by the Hollywood Appreciation Society as well as by the Women’s International Center. Academy Award winning actress Margaret O’Brien praises Borbolla’s work calling her “A brilliant shining star in the world of artistic cinema.”


Mother of two growing children, Borbolla plans to complete a Masters in Positive Psychology. She earned a bachelors degree in Communications at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, having graduated with honors and an award for the highest score among her more than 400 classmates that year. She specialized in photography and education.


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    In Mexico City, Alexandra worked at Sky Television and at Televisa. Her expertise is in Education, Mindfulness, Photography, Writing and Story Telling (Documentary and Short Film). In 2001, she launched her own business in photography and graphic design and continued her education in psychology by studying Existential Psychology.


    Since her arrival in the US, she launched her Photography business, ABC Hydra Photography in 2012. She makes use of Photoshelter to not only showcase her exquisite portfolio, but to securely deliver photos to her many clients. In addition to being a word class photographer and cinematographer, Borbolla is also an equitation athlete and has been competing as a member of the United States Equestrian Federation as an adult jumper amateur. In the San Diego Jumpers County, she won 3rd place among San Diego County adult amateurs.


    Alexandra’s artistic work embodies inspiration, it makes photographic subjects different in a creative unique way. Her photography goes beyond technique, it is the expression of our world on a deeper level. The art of seeing people, of capturing emotions and the beauty of a moment that lasts forever. At the age of thirteen, her father's camera became her new best friend and eventually international travel shaped her artistic style.


    By the age of twenty-four, Alexandra was already part of a select group of photographers in México, Vsual, with renowned photographers like Michael Calderwood and Fulvio Ecardi. As a strategic complement to her artistic work in photography, Alexandra has studied and worked in human development, Philosophy and education. This mixed experience defines her original and creative style of portraying the world and people. In her won words: "There is always a story behind a moment, and the magic comes when you capture the mystery of the eternity within."


    Having pursued photojournalism, portraits, nature, urban photography, architecture, and documentary, she is passionate about showing through her lens a view of reality that calls for something bigger.


    "Even when I am taking a family portrait, I try to make this time together transcendent, where each person feels special and part of this whole. It is therapeutic to the family, sometimes is not easy at the beginning, but when they all give in and let the moments happen, the magic takes over."


    Alexandra has shown her work internationally with special gallery exhibits in Mexico and the US in San Diego, California.


    Hydra /ˈhaɪdrə/ is a genus of small, fresh-water organisms. They are native to temperate and tropical regions. Biologists are especially interested in Hydra because of their regenerative ability — they do not appear to die of old age, or indeed to age at all.

Alexandra Borbolla

Films and videos by Alexandra Borbolla have played a key roll in engaging the local community and in attracting generous contributions. She volunteered at her children's school procurement department, making a short film each year for 8 consecutive years. As a result, the school has raised considerable capital needed to build sports, science and cultural facilities (with $50,000 dollars in 2010 to more than $500,000 in 2017 alone). These films have also served to motivate teachers, parents and kids to become a tight knit community:





Alexandra believes that sports represent a great opportunity to teach children how to learn from defeat and how to stand up stronger and be resilient. She is an athlete and knows that hard work pays off during competitions. Her videos encourage the human spirit to harness the will to pursue dreams.

Alexandra has been very instrumental for ACES (a comprehensive educational service for children with Autism) for several years. She conducts interviews and creates videos throughout the year to motivate and inspire the dedicated staff and loving parents to remind them that their work is in service of a larger cause: the well being of families that have children with Autism. Alexandra’s professional photography is featured on the ACES website.


She has been getting “Positive Discipline” certification to help parents cope with difficult situations at home and in the classroom, among other psychology and education courses, like Mindfulness at UCSD. In Mexico, she has helped orphanages and the Make A Wish Foundation.





Films & Videos

What Inspired You to Become a Photographer ?


My father had a big camera with several lenses, a Canon. He is an architect, so he taught me about composition. He taught me how to use a camera and to see beauty in the world. I started with portrait photography when I was 13. I loved to capture the expressions of a person on film and make it eternal. I would analyze the frozen moment, the faces, and try to interpret personalities.


I like to observe, I like composition in nature, the perfection of every shape in nature. A moment is always perfect. With photography, we can make history and tell stories. I like to write stories and to create videos too.


"My goal as a photographer is beyond an image: it is a therapeutic, energetic healing process. It is showing the good in everything. The harmony in chaos and the rigidity of the human condition in contrast with nature.”


In the News: Alexandra Borbolla Creates Art As Medicine: www.thestarnews.com

Gallery of Photos


Renowned artistic photographer Alexandra Borbolla’s portfolio may be viewed here: www.hydra.photoshelter.com


She has created photographic travel books around her journeys through Bhutan, India, Africa, Pacific Beach, San Diego, California.


She is also the author of photo memento books like this heart-warming collection found on blurb called Amanda and Sergio, a Vintage Countryside Wedding: www.blurb.com/bookstore

Education and Corporate Photography


Hake Restaurant in La Jolla, California, USA: www.thehake.com


ACES photography - Elevating the Standards in the Treatment of Autism: www.acesaba.com


San Diego French American School photography: www.sdfrenchschool.org

Q&A with Photographic Artist Alexandra Borbolla

Parental and Children’s Education


Since 2010, Alexandra has organized groups of women in her studio in Little Italy, San Diego  California. They get together to talk about parenting, human development and culture. She has also developed a program for teenagers where she teaches mindfulness meditation and photography. She has been teaching eager students since 2015.


In combining her three aptitudes — Art / Mindfulness Education / Sports / athlete Alexandra has forged the strength to develop an educational program for children called “Core Values and Resiliency for Kids through Sports.” The business plan of this project includes her writing a book, making a documentary, and developing a step by step program to be implemented in schools.


Parental Education / Mindfulness - Healing Through Art


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"Memories are the core of the present moment, an image can make us feel the beauty, the sad, all the emotions.

To feel is to be alive.”

                  - Alexandra Borbolla


Parental Education / Mindfulness

Healing Through Art